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hello! I am a Brazilian-American freelance artist based in the United States, working primarily in digital illustrations. I'm fluent in both English and Portuguese, with familiarity in Spanish. Online I am known as birthfovns (birth of venus), but i mostly go by venus.

My passion for art was nurtured since childhood, but after moving to a different country I ended up putting art on hold, thinking an artistic career wasn't for me. with the help of friends a decade later, I committed myself to re-learning and re-discovering art again at the beginning of 2015, and bought my first graphical art tablet.

some of my favorite things to create are portraits, illustrations, and making new characters. I can spend hours researching and pulling inspiration from different cultures, high fashion, books, nature; really anywhere that would help me bring a new piece to life. I find the artistic process quite enjoyable! When it comes to colors I usually lean towards cool tones, with a tendency towards reds and greens, and love utilizing a whole rainbow of hues throughout my pieces.


If you wish to contact me with a question or inquiry, please fill out the form on the right, or click on the link below to launch the email app on your pc.

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Character sheets

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Sketches & Studies

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hey there!

thank you for your consideration, I'm looking forward to working with you!

This following information is NOT applicable for commercial work, therefore the art can only be used for the client’s personal purposes. You will be able to buy commercial rights separately from the commission work itself. If you are interested in these rights, select that option in the commission form when requesting your position.

commissions are CLOSED!


Here you can find my Terms of Service. Please read it throughly before commissioning me.

what you'll get

Here is a list of things I provide when you work with me, in more or less the order they are in.- Rough Sketch (Revisions, if any, are preferable to be made during this step. Approval needed to continue)
- Color/Composition Plan (this is a more complex and detailed sketch that includes color planning. Changes to the piece will only be accepted up to this stage, changes requested past this stage will either be charged for or denied)
- Full Resolution of the Final Image (the file will be .png unless you request another file type)

i will draw

- you
- grandma, bff, lover, etc
- an original or in-game character
- your favorite character of any franchise
- a celebrity crush
- anything that looks mostly human really

i will not draw

- Gore
- Mechs
- Animals or anthropomorphs
- logos, emotes, social media graphics
- different art styles from my own
if you'd like to run an idea by me or have further questions, please feel free to contact me first.

REquesting your commission

I must stress that you are responsible for knowing my Terms of Service prior to commissioning me.

To request your commission you can either:
- Email me at
- fill the form below
Use the form below as a template if you contact me through email or twitter, as it is all the information I will need to work on your commission. Please allow me up to 48hrs to contact you back, I promise I will respond as soon as possible.all reference pictures must be in a link. it can be a link to a cloud storage folder (gdrive/onedrive/dropbox/etc), picture file compilation, or a direct link to social media post. Please do not send me multiple emails with references.

commission options

lineart portraiture

lineart in a semi-realistic stylization of a subject from the shoulders up, with a monochromatic accentuation and a solid colored background. Some simple extra elements may be added on request.Prices starting at 50 USD

request your lineart portrait commission here .

painted portraits/half-body

Semi-realistic full-color rendering of a subject from the shoulders or waist up, with the option of a simple or more complex background.Prices starting at 150 USD for portrait, 200 USD for half-body.

painted portraits/half-body

lineart in a semi-realistic stylization of a subject from the shoulders up, with a solid colored or gradient background. Some simple extra elements may be added on request.Prices starting at 50 USD for clean lineart, 60 USD for color and cel-shade.

Terms of Service

By hiring me, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service below:

I. GENERAL TERMS- By ordering a commission you agree to these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
- I reserve the right to refuse any commission order without any reason or explanation.
- I reserve the right to decline or discontinue a commission at any time. If this happens, I will fully refund any amount paid to the Paypal email it was sent from.
- I reserve the right to choose the priority order of concurrent commissions.
II. Payments- If I choose to accept your commission, we will settle the total quote for the project before I send you an invoice through Paypal.
- All payments must be made via Paypal; upfront, with the exception of payment plans.
- Quotes below 300 USD must be paid fully for me to start on your commission.
- Payment plans are created for quotes over 300 USD, 50% of payment must be made upfront, and the remaining 50% must be paid after approval of the color/composition planning. Full payment is required before the completion of the project.
- A flat fee of 50 USD will be added if you request your commission to be made in private and not be streamed on my Twitch channel.
- All payments are non-refundable, unless when a refund is requested I have not started working on your commission or I happen to not be able to provide the service asked of me at the moment.
III. REVISIONS, DEADLINES, CREATIVE PROCESS- If there is a deadline you must tell me at least one month ahead, any deadline changes in mid-progress will be charged extra in an amount I see fit. Deadlines affect the price and can be refused.
- Timelines and schedules may change based on health, day job, and the general creative process. Clients will be updated when projects are expected to take longer. By hiring me, keep in mind I may take an unspecified amount of time and the timeline given at the start is just an approximation.
- You must provide clear and precise descriptions and/or pictures of the subject of the commission; the personality of the character also helps.
- An extra designing fee may be applied if you don’t have a picture for me to go off from.
- Changes to the finished piece will not be made unless the commission is still during the color/composition planning phase, or are very minor. I may charge you extra for the changes if I see fit. Any charges on the changes requested must be paid upfront.
IV. image rights
- I hold all the rights to my work. That means I hold the right to post and repost the final piece and its process stages on any of my social media platforms, live stream the process, make prints or merchandise out of the final work, or any other use I see fit.
- After receiving your finished commission DO NOT: make any changes to the original art, remove my signature or crop it from the image, claim the painting as your own, use it for any advertising purposes or commercial purposes without my knowledge, and permission. If you would like to use your personal commission for advertising and sales, or any activity that promotes or generates revenue, I must be informed and you will need to purchase the right to use my work commercially.
- Clients may repost watermarked art at will as long as credit to the artist is included, with a direct link back to either my twitch, Twitter, or website.

let's art together

join me on stream for art hangouts and studies!

I usually only stream on the weekends. During my streams, I like to spend my time with fellow artists and art aficionados, talking about the little I know, my process, and use our shared time for improvement, learning, and creating.

catch me live in the future at !

my lovely mods


"wine and cheese savant space elf sage"


"badass fashionista thigh-loving amazonian "


" yellow eyeshadow bug fan huehue comrade"


"animal whisperer vegetarian angelic bean"


"super tech-savvy musical baguette mage"


You have an accent, where are you from?- I was born in the USA but lived in Brazil until I was 15 years old. I currently Live in Florida.

When did you start drawing?- When I was young I doodled a lot, but really took art seriously and started digital art in 2015.

Did you go to art school/college?- No degree, I'm learning from books and content online, also with help of friends' critiques.

When did you start streaming?- I started streaming back in May 2018, and took about a long ass hiatus from 2019 to 2020

What do you stream?
- Digital art is the focus, but I may stream some games with my friends here and there

What do you use to paint and what brushes do you use?
- Scroll down for a list of my software and equipment. My brushes are a mix given to me by friends, type !brushes in chat for a link to download them.

Do you have a set schedule for streaming?
- No set schedule atm, but will most probably stream on fridays/weekends

Why Vns/Venus?
- If you take some vowels and consonants from my name, it becomes Vns, which sounds like Venus.
- I am also a lover of greco-roman mythology, so I adopted the name Venus for mmos, and it stuck.

Do you do art full time?
- No, art is mostly a hobbie atm, something I do for pleasure. I work with structural engineering.


Art Software, Tools, and Apps

ComputerPhotoshop - Link
Painting, drawing, animation software
PureRef - Link
Reference sorter and organizer
MagicSquire - Link
Brush sorter and organizer
Graphic Tablet - Link
Huion Inspiroy Giano

Mobile Screen TabletIpad Pro 2018 11 in - 256 gb - Link
Apple Pen 2nd Generation - Link
Screen tablet pen
Procreate - Link
Painting, drawing, animation software
VizRef - Link
Reference sorter and organizer

Other Gear

computer specsProcessor - Intel Core i9-10900K 10/20 3.70GHzRAM - 32 GB RAMOS - 64-Bit Windows 10Graphics - GeForce RTX™ 3070 8GB

miscmicrophone - link

bot commands

!accent - where is my accent from?!br - #huelife!canvas - canvas size i usually pain in!commands - page with all the commands for the stream!cringe - I am sometimes!discord or !d - our discord link, join in!!doit - its magic!eq - my art/streaming equipment and F.A.Qs!mumbles - Counter of my bad habit of mumbling as I talk (for regulars)!pizza - the way pizza should NOT exist.!pod - link to the podcast we are listening to (if we are listening to one)!print/prints - my print shop!!raffle - information that must be read when you win any of the giveaways or raffles!ref - PureRef, an easy way to have all your references in one place!study - link to google drive folder with the references being used if there is a study going on!turbo - the best song to ever song!uptime - how long the current streaming session has been going for!vns - learn about me!!why - why the name “vns”!win/winner - instructions on what to do if you win a raffle

raffle information

Once you win a raffle

You'll need to send me image references and descriptions of the desired character to my email or discord direct message (birthofvns#0009).If you do not contact me or submit all necessary information within 3 days you will be disqualified. Neither my mods or I will run after you.

Please keep in mind

- All giveaway art will be made of only one character/person (no group portraits, or multiple characters).
- You reserve the right to ask for modifications during the sketching process (head pose, clothing, major facial/physical features, etc). After the point I start painting, no major changes will be accepted.
- If you post the prize on one of your social media, you must credit me.
- Once you receive your raraffle prize, you may not: make any changes to the original art, remove my signature or crop it from the image, claim the painting as your own, or use it for commercial purposes without my knowledge and permission. If you would like to use your prize for advertising and sales, or any activity that promotes or generates revenue, I must be informed and you will need to purchase the right to use my work commercially.

reference guide

- References must be sfw
- Reference pictures must be clear, at least 700 pixels on the smallest dimension (5 references max)
- References must include clothing and facial features
- For a more accurate pose/facial expression of the character, provide me with some description of their personality, background story, things that bring that character to life.
- The illustration can be of any character of your choice; either your own OC, a picture of you or your loved ones, or an already existing character from shows/series. (Please don’t submit OCs belonging to another artist)
- I don't draw animals/anthropomorphs, sorry ):

Disclaimer: All portraits and art raffles must be of already existing characters with full references, no worded descriptions. In other words, I will not be designing your character.I reserve the right to decline any submitted reference or character that I’m not comfortable painting. If that happens you would either change your reference and character, or I will select another winner for the raffle.